Flooring. A “small”, simple word, one that’s stepped on. The paving world is a world of a vast variety of materials, and each decision sets a design statement and personal taste.
In the process of selecting finishing materials in the project – start from the floor. What kind? Color? material? Cold or hot appearance? Practical for cleaning? Natural or synthetic? Lots of options exist today more than ever.
Wooden parquet is translated into porcelain granite, the concrete is translated into wood, the natural mixes with the synthetic and the celebration is great.
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The richness and variety allows everyone to make the combinations that suit them – from the appearance of the external appearance to the choice of the material itself. For example, more and more clients I meet want a hardwood floor at home but “in their house it won’t work”, mainly because of maintenance and erosion constraints. Today there is the solution of parquet-like porcelain granite – both wooden and easy to maintain.

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Every year there are examples of tiles that are not stiff on the tile. The technology makes it possible to create ‘like’ materials and this enhances the final product.
If you talk about technology – then you can meet very precise floor tiles that with the help of advanced technologies can produce very thin and very strong material.
This product can be applied to an existing floor and save the thickness of the final filling and height of the apartment. As a ready, you can apply on walls in bathrooms or as decorative cladding on a tax wall, without the feeling of ceramic paste.
So it all starts with prominence – it’s the tone that will guide the rest of the design choices in the complex process of design.


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